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Identifying and addressing the needs of local communities has always been a high priority for ExxonMobil and its employees. Our volunteering programme has been enthusiastically supported over the years by our employees.

Through our Volunteer Involvement Programme (VIP) we encourage employees and their families to contribute their time, talent and energy to local charities and non-profit organisations. To assist and recognise their efforts, we provide contributions to the organisations that our employees and their families support.

VIP applicants can apply for grants to support fundraising and volunteering activities. Grants are awarded to a range of organisations that promote and support initiatives in a variety of areas from medical welfare to recreation, conservation and education.

Employees and their families who devote personal time to take part in fundraising events such as sponsored fun runs may apply for matched funding of up to £250 per event. Individual applicants who volunteer at least 20 hours of their personal time to one organisation during a calendar year can apply for a £250 VIP grant for that organisation.

Each family unit is able to apply for VIP funding up to four times per calendar year and ExxonMobil will pay a maximum of £3,000 to any one organisation (or branch) in each year.

The ExxonMobil Day of Caring was launched in October 2005. Every year since, ExxonMobil employees can volunteer to take a day out of their offices and make a real difference to local communities by providing hands-on help at local charities, schools and community organisations. Recent activities have included clearing woodland, providing support at a 'Fun Day' for the clients of a home and training college for people with disabilities, helping to develop the grounds of a school, and decorating equipment used by a training centre for disabled people.