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Neighbourhoods overview

By investing in the neighbourhoods where we operate and by creating jobs, we are helping to develop prosperous, stable communities that are not only good places in which to do business, but also good places for our employees, their families and our neighbours to live.

It is through our neighbourhood links that our community investment programme is translated into local actions providing lasting benefits for the community.

We actively support the local communities around our main employment sites at Aberdeen, Fawley, Fife and Leatherhead where we have formed many effective partnerships with local schools, charities, not-for-profit organisations and community groups.

At a local level we also offer resources and in-kind support to groups that are invited to run activities such as awareness events, training days and conferences at some of our sites. We promote local events and charity initiatives to our staff and their families, giving the dual benefit of helping organisations to raise funds and encouraging our employees to become involved as volunteers.