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Industrial and Wholesale sales

ExxonMobil is one of the largest suppliers of transport fuels in the UK. It operates the UK's largest refinery at Fawley, near Southampton, which has around 20 per cent of UK refining capacity. We distribute our Esso-branded fuels via our own pipeline network to five proprietary terminals conveniently located throughout the country’s demand centres.

We serve a wide range of customers, including large industrial users, transport operators (hauliers, rail and bus operators), commercial resellers, and hypermarkets. Customers can choose whether to pick up at our terminal racks or have their fuel delivered.

As well as transport fuels, Esso branded fuels are also used for heating by industrial and commercial users. Fuel oil is used by large organisations that need to generate steam for either industrial processes or for heating, for example, factories or hospitals. Gas oil is used to power heating systems in buildings such as offices and schools.

Esso fuel has been keeping the UK moving, manufacturing, fed and warm for nearly 130 years.

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