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Energy games

Test your knowledge of energy issues by playing these interactive games developed by our ExxonMobil colleagues in Norway.

image for energy outlook quiz

Energy Outlook

The Energy Outlook is an interactive quiz based on ExxonMobil's Energy Outlook to 2030. You will visit eight countries around the world, collecting points along the way.

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image for energy balance game

Energy Balance

The Energy Balance requires you to supply enough energy to Energia. You can choose between different energy sources, but the country doesn't have an unlimited budget. You must also pay attention to the environmental effects of the different energy sources.

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image for energy cycle game

Energy Cycle

The Energy Cycle is an interactive visualisation of energy cycles which highlights the potential for energy saving and alternative solutions in cars, the home, industry and personal consumption.

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image Atound the world in 80kw

Around the world in 80 kw

This is a quiz that will take you around the world. You visit several countries, and you have to give correct answers at each country to move on. You also have to answer swiftly – or you may use too much energy, and won’t reach your destination in time.

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