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At Fawley in Hampshire, Esso Petroleum Company, Limited and ExxonMobil Chemical Limited operate one of the largest and most complex oil refining and petrochemical manufacturing sites in Europe. As important members of the Waterside community for 60 years, both companies are committed to being responsible neighbours and have a well-established programme of support for the local area.

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Fawley refinery

How to contact Fawley refinery

Esso Petroleum Company, Limited

Marsh Lane
Hampshire, SO45 1TX
Tel: +44 023 8089 2511

A newsletter about the Fawley site, Community Matters, is distributed to local residents six times a year.

Health, safety & the environment

ExxonMobil is committed to ensuring the health and safety of everyone working at Fawley, or living in the surrounding area. This commitment extends to the protection of the local environment for the good of residents and workers alike.

Health and safety

We are extremely proud of our health and safety record at Fawley. Our goal here, and at all our other sites, is to have a workplace where nobody gets hurt. Our award-winning commitment to safety has been recognised many times, both within the industry, and by independent safety experts. We continue to explore new and better ways to improve the safety and integrity of our operations.

The environment

The thriving saltmarsh that borders the site at Fawley is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) that is home to over 20 species of birds. The rest of the site is surrounded by a thick screen of some 50,000 established trees and shrubs, which provide a natural woodland habitat.

Water plays an important role in the production process at Fawley. Each day, the plant draws up to 1.8 million tonnes of seawater from Southampton Water, mostly for cooling. When this is returned to the sea after purification, it’s often cleaner than when it was extracted.

To help reduce energy consumption at Fawley, the plant uses a combined heat and power generator (Cogen) that burns at twice the efficiency of a conventional power station, cutting energy costs and reducing carbon emissions. The Cogen unit, which is owned and operated by Esso, is used to produce up to 230 tonnes of steam per hour for use in the refinery, as well as electricity. Any electricity that is not consumed on site is fed into the National Grid, so Fawley is a net exporter of electrical power.

Two other initiatives are helping to minimise the site’s environmental impact. A recycling programme has helped to reduce the level of general waste at the refinery by increasing recycling to more than 80 per cent. The aim is to increase this still further until no general waste from the site needs to be sent to landfill. Meanwhile, the refinery operates a series of biopiles, which use organic substances that are naturally present in soil to break down waste from the refinery so that any potential contaminants are removed. This approach, which resembles a high technology compost heap, minimises the amount of hazardous waste produced on site that needs to be sent away for incineration.

Community support & involvement

ExxonMobil encourages employees and their families to contribute their time, talent and energy to schools, charities and non-profit organisations. The company's Volunteer Involvement Programme (VIP) and Governor Scheme does this by recognising the voluntary efforts of employees and their families, and rewarding the organisations they support with grants of up to £1,000 per year. Since the programme began in 2002, the Fawley representatives have given over 43,000 hours of their time to charities and local community groups, which have received grants under the scheme totalling over £540,000.

The ExxonMobil Link Schools programme is active in 10 schools in the Fawley neighbourhood. This initiative helps local teachers link the curriculum to the reality of working life, while students gain an appreciation of the importance of industry to their local economy and the skills needed for the world of work. ExxonMobil works alongside Learning through Landscapes - a national school grounds charity that believes that outdoor learning is an essential part of a child's development - and CREATE - a charity that encourages more sustainable uses of energy while reducing carbon emissions.

The Fawley site supports Local Authority initiatives, such as New Forest District Council's Brilliance in Business Awards, in which ExxonMobil has sponsored the Innovation and Entrepreneurship category since the awards started. The site also supports Hampshire County Council's Hantsweb Awards, sponsoring the category for the best website operated by secondary schools or colleges in the county.

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