Research and innovation


ExxonMobil develops and produces a range of advanced products that reduce GHG emissions and improve sustainability.


Demand for chemicals grows

Demand for auto parts, housing materials, electronics and other products made from plastics and other petrochemicals continues to grow. Rising U.S. natural gas production has boosted supplies of ethane, a natural gas liquid raw material used to make plastics, enabling investment in U.S. chemical manufacturing and exports. ExxonMobil continues to develop technologies that reduce carbon emissions. For example, we produce a range of advanced products — such as lightweight plastic packaging materials — that help manufacturers reduce energy use, emissions and waste.

Research and development highlights


increase in the plastic makeup of cars expected by 2020


reduction in vehicle weight can improve fuel economy by as much as 7%

Consumer demand propels chemicals growth

Image Consumer demand propels chemicals growth
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A foundation for innovation

At ExxonMobil, we’re rethinking what’s possible across automotive performance, packaging design, hygiene comfort and appliance appeal. For instance, our petroleum-based polymers are already used in vehicle braking systems, bumpers, paneling, weatherseals, automotive lubricants, fuel additives and even battery cases.

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