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FEP and the environment - The Facts 

It's always frustrating to see misinformation about FEP that can cause unnecessary concern for local communities. Here our Environmental Engineer, Kylie Bishop, fact-checks some of these. 

FEP and Local Air Quality 

FEP operates to strict environmental standards and our teams work hard to ensure our operations are as efficient as possible.

Fife Council and SEPA regularly monitor air quality to ensure it continues to meet stringent environmental standards.

The following links provide fully independent data that consistently show Mossmorran has no impact on local air quality.

It is highly unlikely for FEP to impact local air quality of people in Fife. 

July 2019

Initial air quality monitoring continues to be in line with previous monitoring and shows no cause for concern 

SEPA 2019

No air quality issues in the vicinity of Mossmorran or Braefoot Bay were identified. 

Fife Council logo
2018 Air Quality Annual Progress Report

Emissions from Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay continue to pose no significant risk to the health of members of the local community. 

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Independent Air Quality Monitoring Group Oct 2018

For two decades Fife Council’s Independent Air Quality Review and Monitoring Group has reported on air quality at Mossmoran. Click here to see their reports.  

WOOD are world leaders in environmental modelling. Here they set out the facts on our flare and local air quality. Click here to read the report.



SEPA has published over 20 air quality monitoring reports, each showing that FEP has no impact on air quality. Click here to see their reports. 



Fife Council monitors air quality across the region. Their monitoring again shows that Mossmorran has no impact on air quality. Read more here



This document assesses the impact of emissions (air, noise & vibration) from Fife Ethylene Plant on the local community and environment, with the aim of defining an appropriate forward monitoring plan for these emissions. Read more about our Environmental Monitoring Programme here.