ExxonMobil's four decades of climate science research

ExxonMobil has supported development of climate science in partnership with governments and academic institutions for nearly 40 years. 


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ExxonMobil's four decades of climate science research

We conduct that work in an open and transparent way. Examples include funding climate modeling at MIT, development and commercialization of lower-emission solutions at Stanford University and working with the U.S. Department of Energy.

ExxonMobil’s four decades of research in climate science has resulted in nearly 150 publicly available papers, including more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, and nearly 300 patents for cutting-edge technological advances in emissions reductions and other related applications. Our scientists have been involved in the forefront of climate research, understanding and working with the world’s leading experts on climate.

Our scientists have participated in the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change since its inception in 1988. The IPCC assesses the scientific, technical and socioeconomic information relevant for understanding the risk of climate change. ExxonMobil scientists have been selected by the IPCC as authors of the past four major assessment reports, and National Research Council boards and committees covering global change.

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