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Preparatory work to start at former Esso oil terminal in Bowling Preparatory work is due to begin at the former oil terminal in Bowling, Dunbartonshire, next week after Esso Petroleum Ltd appointed a contractor, DEC, to undertake remediation work on the site.


Precision engineering project is measuring up

When you have a large piece of valuable equipment to fit into a tight space using a huge crane, then you need all the help you can get.

And that’s just what the latest in 3D laser measurement techniques have been doing as part of our £140m plant upgrade.


Protected bird’s eggs found at Fife Ethylene Plant

Project planners at Fife Ethylene Plant considered many different scenarios in the run up to the current £140m upgrade – but discovering a protected bird’s nest wasn’t one of them!

The nest, containing three eggs, belongs to an oyster catcher, and the eggs are protected by law.


Ensuring Pipeline Safety This is not your usual PIG, this is a Pipeline Inspection Gauge - a specialist robot which checks and cleans oil and gas pipelines from the inside to keep them running safely. The process is known as ‘pigging’.


New support for the New Forest commoning community

The New Forest National Park remains one of the few places in England where the ancient tradition of commoning is still widely practised.

Commoners have been grazing their animals on the open Forest since before the Norman Conquest in 1066, helping create and maintain the landscape and rare wildlife which makes the New Forest so special.