Be inspired by the Royal Academy of Arts

ExxonMobil has renewed its corporate membership of the Royal Academy of Arts following a review of its sponsorship programme. This means ExxonMobil employees and their families can look forward to another year of creative inspiration and cultural experiences.

Be inspired by the Royal Academy of Arts

 The Royal Academy is hoping to re-open in London in May, but whilst COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, virtual events and mindfulness videos may be accessed online.  Why not take a break and escape the everyday by listening to an expert take a slow look at a work of art?

 ExxonMobil has arranged for employees to access free tickets for all Royal Academy exhibitions once COVID-19 restrictions lift for the rest of the year, subject to availability.  These are likely to include ‘The Arrival of Spring’ by David Hockney and a landmark exhibition called ‘The Loneliness of the Soul’ in which Tracey Emin selects masterpieces by Edvard Munch to show alongside her most recent paintings. 

 When visiting the galleries, employees and their guests can also enjoy the exclusive ‘Keeper’s House’, subject to capacity.  This relaxation space is available to Academy’s Friends, Patrons and Corporate Members only, and includes a restaurant, café, cocktail bar and a secret garden!

 ExxonMobil has a long history of supporting the Arts, having first sponsored the National Gallery in 1988.  The company has also supported art exhibitions and catalogues for Tate Britain, Tate Modern and The British Museum. 

Sophie Foale, community affairs advisor has fond memories of these partnerships.  She says: “I am delighted that we will once again be able to provide colleagues and their guests with access to world-class exhibitions. Of course, this year, due to social distancing, capacity in the galleries will be greatly reduced and access can’t be guaranteed, but I hope everyone who wishes to visit is able to do so.  Do book early though!”

Corporate Member’s Virtual Events – Spring 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic the RA has developed a series of videos about the artwork it holds to enable viewers to access these works despite lockdown restrictions. To access the videos simply click on the links below:

Behind the Scenes at the RA: the RA Archive

The Archive haunts our post-modern imaginations. It hovers nebulously within all manner of popular fantasies, whether the foreboding shadows of Dan Brown-style conspiracy literature or the sacral splendour the Jedi Archives in Star Wars. But what is an Archive and what goes on in there?  Join RA Archivist Mark Pomeroy, for a journey into the Royal Academy's very own chamber of secrets.

Speaker: Mark Pomeroy, Archivist, Royal Academy of Arts

Art History: Francis Bacon and his Circle

Francis Bacon: Man and Beast is the first exhibition to chart the development of the artist’s imagery through the lens of his fascination with animals. Primarily known for his unflinching studies of the human form, Bacon’s obsessive interest in animals was central to his work. He was convinced that, by watching their uninhibited behaviour, he could get closer to the core of humanity and the animal that lies beneath the trappings of civilisation. This talk will illuminate this crucial, yet perhaps surprising, aspect of Bacon’s work, highlighting key works in the exhibition that underline its thesis.

Speaker: Anna Testar, Curator, Royal Academy of Arts

Art & Mindfulness: A Slow Look VI

Karly Allen guides us through another 5-minute mindfulness exercise, taking a slow look at a work of art from the RA Collection. This session is on Frederick Gore’s Mountain Landscape, Majorca.


Art & Mindfulness: A Slow Look VII

This session is on Angelica Kauffman’s Design.


Art & Mindfulness: A Slow Look VIII

This session is on Ian Richie’s Leamouth Bridge.


Art & Mindfulness: A Slow Look VIII

This session is on Margaret Fisher Prout’s Midsummer.

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Be inspired by the Royal Academy of Arts