Fawley Past

All who have been concerned - technicians, draughtsmen, foremen, metal worker, craftsmen and labourers - can take pride in their achievement.

Prime Minister Clement Attlee - September 1951

On September 14, 1951, 6000 guests watched as then Prime Minister Clement Attlee unveiled a plaque to mark the official opening of the new £37.5million Fawley Refinery. The launch of the 450-acre plant came at a time when Britain was still recovering from the effects of the Second World War.

Since 1951, Fawley has not only been the mainstay of UK refining, it has employed many thousands of people in a variety of roles. In many cases, generations of the same family have plied their trade at the site, whether in the field operating the plant machinery, in the laboratories, or in the administration building.

Here, we showcase a collection of images documenting the rich history of the Fawley complex and the people who were instrumental in its construction and continued success.