Photos and Videos 

Photos and Videos 

Our new Enclosed Ground Flare is now operational.

For over three decades we have operated alongside our host communities in Fife. When those communities told us to do better, we listened, and we took decisive action.
Our new Enclosed Ground Flare is designed specifically to minimise disturbance on the occasions we need to safely use our flare system.

Taking 100 highly skilled staff and contractors over 130,000 work hours to complete, the investment not only created employment but continued our investment in local supply chains that support the Fife and Scottish economies. 
A great achievement by all involved, and one we hope will make a real difference to local communities.

Enclosed Ground Flare now mechanically complete. Comprehensive testing programme underway. Testing electronic, mechanical and safety systems. Will not require flaring from elevated or ground flare. Anticipate unit being fully operational by end of June.
Our new Enclosed Ground Flare is now mechanically complete. Before bringing online, we will take the time needed to conduct testing of all mechanical, electronic and safety systems. Flaring is not required to complete these tests. We will share more updates in the coming days.

Timelapse footage showing the progress of the EGF construction.

December 2022 Update

Martin Burrell, Plant Manager of Fife Ethylene Plant, providing an update on the construction of the new enclosed ground flare (EGF).

An animated video explaining what an Enclosed Ground Flare is and what benefits it will bring our community.

For those looking for more insight on the EGF, here our Technical Manager, Kevin Poot, shares detail on the project, its operation and the benefits it will bring.