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Our climate science history

We unequivocally reject allegations that ExxonMobil suppressed climate change research contained in media reports that are inaccurate distortions of ExxonMobil’s nearly 40-year history of climate research.

We understand that climate risks are real. The company has continuously, publicly and openly researched and discussed the risks of climate change, carbon life cycle analysis and emissions reductions.

ExxonMobil’s four decades of research in climate science has resulted in nearly 150 publicly available papers, including more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, and nearly 300 patents for cutting-edge technological advances in emissions reductions and other related applications. Our scientists have been involved in the forefront of climate research, understanding and working with the world’s leading experts on climate.

We long have informed shareholders and investors on our perception of the business risks associated with climate change through regulatory filings, our annual Corporate Citizenship Report and in other reports to shareholders.

We are working hard on solutions to the challenge of meeting the world’s energy needs while reducing the environmental impact through support for research and development. Some recent examples include exploring transformational innovations in energy and the environment, development of climate modeling and lower-carbon energy research - all in conjunction with leading research universities.

We advocate for common sense approaches – substituting natural gas for coal in electrical generation, improving efficiency and using market forces to drive change -- while continuing to fund and participate in research into technology solutions and better understanding of the risks of climate change.

ExxonMobil is a responsible participant in the discussion on climate change – we will continue to research the issue, support energy efficiency, work to reduce emissions, pursue new technologies and advocate for effective policy approaches.

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