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Global fundamentals

Through 2040, we see China, India and other non-OECD countries – home to seven-eighths of the world’s population – needing much more energy to fuel economic development and rising living standards.

Meeting growing demand

Our Outlook for Energy demand projects how much and what forms of energy are likely to be needed in countries around the world for transportation, residential/commercial use, industrial processes and electricity generation.

Lowering emissions

Today, as always, a key element of continuing to advance human progress is managing the environmental impact of that progress.

Fulfilling future supply

All of the world’s energy sources will be needed to meet rising demand to 2040, but there will be a marked shift toward cleaner fuels, particularly natural gas.

Energy today and tomorrow

With more people using energy to improve their lives, we estimate that global energy demand will be about 25 percent higher in 2040 than it was in 2015.

Download the report

The Outlook for Energy PDFs, data tables, press release and presentation materials are available for download.


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