Working together for the good of the community

Three heads were better than one when it came to taking steps to examining the options for replacing the sea wall in a popular area of Hythe.

The wall borders the foreshore at Prospect Place, an open space of land. The area is often used by the public to sit, look at the view, enjoy a picnic and get some fresh air. Graham Parkes, Chairman of Hythe and Dibden Neighbourhood Planning Group, explained: “The sea wall needs some attention, and so it was necessary for the council to place what is known as a benchmark there. This a kind of measuring post that helps to determine the level of the land at Prospect Place and assists us to plan the height of any sea wall improvement work.”

In order to gain accurate data, the benchmark must be surveyed using special equipment. Graham said: “Although the council had the benchmark installed, we did not have the expertise to carry out the surveying work. Fortunately, ExxonMobil Fawley has always been keen to assist the council with any practical help it can. After speaking to Alison Jones, the site’s Community Affairs Manager, she kindly put us in touch with Trant Engineering Limited, one if its on-site contractor teams.”

Mikey Hartnett, Trant Contract Manager at Fawley, said: “When Alison contacted us and explained what needed to be done, we were only too happy to help. It will be our job to survey the benchmark so that the council has the accurate figures it needs to carry out any work to the sea wall. Trant is a company with a proud local history, and so we were delighted to help play our part in preserving what is a well-known and popular area of the Waterside.”

Alison added: “Being a good neighbour means that where it’s possible to pool contacts and resources for the good of the community we are only too pleased to do our bit. In this instance, we are grateful to Mikey and Trant for stepping in to help. We look forward to hearing how the work is progressing and to seeing the sea wall improved so that future generations can continue to enjoy the area and that the village centre has improved flood defences.”


Pictured below: Chris Harrison and Graham Parkes with Jack Hallett and Harry Argent from Trant.

For more information contact Stephanie Bennett, Clerk to Hythe and Dibden Parish Council, at or Alison Jones, Community Affairs Manager, ExxonMobil Fawley at