A new vision for former Bowling Terminal site

As our work to remediate the former Esso Terminal site in Bowling nears completion, proposals to create a major industrial and commercial development there have received planning permission.

Bolstered by a £12 million investment from the UK Government, the £44m project will bring the site near Glasgow back into productive use by transforming it into a mixed-use development, with storage, distribution, industrial, business and office space. Up to 980 full time jobs will be created as well as an additional 660 jobs during the construction stage. It is also expected to bring £43.8m of additional private investment for the local area.

And environmental sustainability is at the heart of this transformation. Of the 150-acre site, nearly 47 acres will be dedicated to green spaces, with plans for a waterfront pedestrian and cycle path and a preserved heritage area around the historic Dunglass Castle. The project doesn’t stop at development as it extends to essential infrastructure improvements, including a relief road through West Dunbartonshire that will enhance connectivity and accessibility.

ExxonMobil’s regeneration of the site (including the creation of a new sea wall) has taken place over the past 27 months. The project was recently highlighted in a presentation made by West Dunbartonshire Council’s Land Contamination Officer as an example of best practice.

James Hadwen, Esso’s Senior Project Manager said: “At this year’s Scottish Contaminated Land Forum, the Bowling project was used to showcase how a project can be successfully managed with the regulator from planning and design through to execution. Positive comments on the value of transparency and trust are ones we can all take pride in, and they validate the efforts we have made to set the right tone with our stakeholders from the beginning of the project.” 

He congratulated his team saying: “You should all feel extremely happy that we are viewed so positively, and you have my heartfelt thanks for your efforts in getting us to this point – truly an excellent long term team effort and result!”

For more than 70 years the Esso Bowling site was used for the handling, processing and distribution of a broad range of petroleum products. It is now on the verge of a bright new chapter as ownership of the remediated site is due to be transferred to West Dunbartonshire Council early next year.

For more information visit https://bowlingterminal.co.uk/