Is it time you took the test for prostate cancer?

We’ve received an email from annuitant Brian Britton who took early retirement from the Butyl Rubber Plant at ExxonMobil Chemical in early 2003.  He wanted to share his personal fight against Prostate Cancer to encourage all our male readers to get tested!

Brian writes: “In February 2004, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer - a medium to aggressive type. I was monitored and had more tests over the next two years and then received a new type of treatment called Brachytherapy, where small radioactive stones were injected into my prostate. This brought my prostate specific antigen (PSA) test down from 16 to 1.

I was monitored over the years and my PSA stayed low but in 2015 it started to slowly rise again until it reached 5, when I had further treatment called Cryotherapy in 2019. This involved part of my prostate being frozen to kill the cancer cells. Since then, my PSA tests have been undetectable.

I am not writing this for sympathy but to let people know that if prostate cancer is diagnosed early there is every chance of a long life with the present treatments. There are some side effects, but it does get easier and more controllable. I just hope this letter will encourage more men to get tested!”

We would like to thank Brian for sharing his personal story. It is a reminder that early diagnosis and timely treatment can significantly improve the chances of a long, fulfilling life.

Routine screenings, such as the PSA test, can detect Prostate Cancer early, allowing for medical intervention when needed. Brian's story emphasises the importance of being proactive and prioritising our wellbeing. Please take note!

NHS guidance on testing for prostate cancer