Report details Solent Cluster's many potential benefits

The Solent Cluster has published a socioeconomic report revealing thousands of local jobs and economic growth could be delivered by the project in its aim of lowering emissions in the region.

Produced by ERM, the socioeconomic report, called ‘Helping Transform our Region’ predicts that more than 70,000 jobs could be secured, including the creation of over 18,000 new skilled jobs, as part of a potential £11.9bn economic boost driven by decarbonisation in the Solent region.

The report not only looks at the potential economic and environmental impact of the Cluster’s vision for the Solent region, but also the skills and education focus needed to enable the development of specific decarbonisation projects.

It finds that investment in decarbonisation for the Solent Cluster could add over £4.4 billion of gross value by 2035 to the UK economy.

The report also suggests that the Solent Cluster could help to cut direct emissions in the Solent area by 42 percent, contributing a reduction of around 4 percent in the UK’s overall emissions between 2020 and 2035.

Click on the link to read a copy of Helping Transform our Region.