UK Open Forum presentations now available

Two of our most senior corporate directors visited the UK this Spring, providing Open Forum presentations at Leatherhead that were broadcast via Zoom to all staff elsewhere in the UK.

Two of our most senior corporate directors visited the UK this Spring, providing Open Forum presentations at Leatherhead that were broadcast via Zoom to all staff elsewhere in the UK.

Neil Chapman – Senior Vice President, ExxonMobil Corporation

In February, we were pleased to welcome Neil Chapman to Leatherhead to take part in an Open Forum at Leatherhead, which was recorded and made available live to all UK staff via Zoom. Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, Neil joined Esso Chemical Company in 1984 at the Fawley Refinery. Today, he has risen through the organisation and joined the Exxon Mobil Corporation Management Committee as senior vice president in 2018.

Neil’s presentation focused on three areas: the reorganisation and creation of new business strategies, the role that ExxonMobil can play in providing low carbon solutions towards energy transition, and the vital launch and roll-out of the leadership framework.

He also took questions from the floor on a wide range of topics, including shareholder value, and the need for the Corporation’s resources and human capital to be more flexible than historically. He also spoke about the exciting career opportunities open for everyone, regardless of location, degree or specialism.

Concluding, Neil thanked everyone for their contributions to the company by saying: “No question, last year we were helped by the margins and the market, but we were helped so much by all the folk in this Corporation. On behalf of the directors, the board and the shareholders, I thank everybody for what you delivered. That’s what differentiated us last year versus our competition.”

Dan Ammann - President of ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions

Our forum in March saw Dan Ammann, who heads up the Low Carbon Solutions (LCS) business speak to colleagues. The former General Motors president and CEO of the Cruise autonomous vehicle company joined the Corporation in May last year. Dan spoke about his experience of ExxonMobil so far and the potential for ExxonMobil’s LCS business.

He explained how our LCS business is focused on commercialising low-emission business opportunities in carbon capture and storage, hydrogen and low-emission fuels, by leveraging the skills, knowledge and scale of ExxonMobil. Preferring not to use PowerPoint slides, he then answered a wide range of questions from colleagues.

Dan said: “It is great to be here at the beginning of a long journey that will take several decades to get the world to Net Zero. This Corporation can, should and will play a fundamental part in making that happen and it’s awesome to feel the support that we’ve got from across the rest of the Corporation to make this happen.

“I’m excited about the opportunities that we see in the UK and in Europe. I think we will all look back five or 10 years from now and say that we were here at the beginning of this and started to

make a real difference. We’re going to get these first projects to work, we’re going to get them to make money, because that’s what is going to create the momentum and allow us to move forward.

“I really appreciate the interest and support from you for the LCS team in the UK and we are looking forward to helping you back as we look to decarbonise our operations.”

If you have not yet seen either of the recent UK Open Forum presentations (or you would like to see them again), then here’s your chance.

Recordings of both the presentation by Neil Chapman on 3 February and the one by Dan Ammann on 8 March can now be accessed here: Open Forum recordings