ExxonMobil donates $100,000 to Turkey/Syria border earthquake relief efforts

ExxonMobil has donated $100,000 to the International Medical Corps (IMC) to provide humanitarian relief and on-the-ground assistance in Turkey and Syria.

On February 6, two powerful earthquakes (7.7 and 7.6 magnitude) struck along the Turkish border with Syria, leaving more than 30,000 people dead and thousands more injured. Thousands of people in the region have been made homeless.

ExxonMobil has donated $100,000 to the International Medical Corps (IMC) to provide humanitarian relief and on-the-ground assistance in Turkey and Syria.

Our donation will support on-the-ground relief, including providing food, clothing, and health services.

We’ve worked with IMC before, providing relief for previous humanitarian crises in Libya, Iraq and Ukraine.

Following the earthquakes our colleagues in Turkey quickly mobilised to help those in need – from organising blood drives, to donating funds and supplies, including lubricants for earth moving machinery and equipment used in the rescue and relief efforts.

“We were all devastated with the impact of two earthquakes hitting 10 cities and 13 million people within 9 hours,” said Münci Bilgic, Cluster Sales Manager and Country Manager for Turkey. “It will take a long time to heal these wounds. But one thing is for certain: this disaster removed the distances among nations and continents. People rushed in to help from all around the world.”

Nancy Aossey, President & CEO of International Medical Corps (IMC), says: “ExxonMobil and its employees around the world have stepped up once again, helping IMC respond swiftly to the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. When disaster strikes, speed saves lives, and we are incredibly grateful for ExxonMobil’s immediate and significant support, enabling us to get critical relief to the people who need it most.”

Our thoughts and sympathies are with our colleagues, families, friends and neighbours who have been impacted by this tragedy. ExxonMobil employs over 100 people in Turkey. We have operated in the country for over 118 years and are proud to help our neighbours in this time of need.

If you would like to make a donation to the relief effort, you can donate now to the ExxonMobil-specific fund for the IMC. Follow this link to visit the IMC landing page for employee donations.

If you are involved in raising funds for the relief efforts then please let us know: Turkish Earthquake Relief Efforts 


Devrim moves quickly to help her family in Turkey

Devrim Goulding, who works in our Trading team in Leatherhead, is originally from Turkey. Fourteen of Devrim’s very close family members, including her 94-year old Grandmother, were left homeless by the earthquakes.

Devrim and her brother Erkan have raised funds on JustGiving to hire a minibus to transport them all to their mother’s house in Antalya and to help provide clothes, shoes, bedding and heating.

Here is an excerpt from Devrim’s latest JustGiving post: “I can happily say they are very happy at my mum’s house and have found a school for the kids. It is still raw and very hard for them, but they are settling into their new routine while they await their homes and jobs to be rebuilt.”