FEP passes major safety milestone

Fife Ethylene Plant at Mossmorran began the new year with a major accomplishment – 10,000 days without any on-site workers suffering a Lost Time Injury (LTI).  That is more than 27 years without any of our ExxonMobil or contractor teams suffering injury requiring an absence from work.

Many of the plant’s staff and contractors’ duties involve working with heavy machinery, at height and/or in potentially hazardous conditions, so the milestone is no minor feat.  To mark this amazing milestone, FEP is matching the 10,000 days with a donation of £10,000 to help students at Fife College who are studying safety-related courses.

We put workers’ safety at the top of our priorities, and the achievement is seen as testament to our strong safety ethic which is constantly pressed home through everyday practices, regular training and on site processes, messages and reminders.

Kerry Cooke, safety, security, health and environment manager at Fife Ethylene Plant, said: “We are all delighted with this fantastic achievement which is down to the diligence, awareness and good behaviours of everyone.”

Martin Burrell, plant manager, added: “This is a special achievement of which we are all very proud.  It illustrates just how seriously we take safety and we want to thank everyone for the part they played in making it happen.  Of course this does not mean we will relax or let our guard down. We will continue to put safety at the very top of everything we do.”