Toby's first foray into Fife

Fife Ethylene Plant’s new site manager, Toby Hamblin, is enjoying his first assignment in Europe.

Toby has worked with ExxonMobil in the United States and Canada for over 23 years, most recently in its largest refinery in Beaumont, Texas where he was Process Manager then Expansion Integration Manager accountable for delivering operational excellence, improved competitiveness and transforming site culture and leadership engagement.

He says he’s delighted to have been given the opportunity to expand his work and personal horizons by joining the FEP family. “Everyone talks about it being like a family in Fife and it’s true. Everyone seems to know everyone else and they all work really closely together. In the US and Canada the plants are so large it’s difficult to get to know all your co-workers on a personal level, but here it’s small enough to do so, which is fantastic!”

Toby has worked with ExxonMobil since graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2000. Through his career with ExxonMobil, he has held a variety of roles in engineering, technical services, supply optimisation, operations, and other corporate functions with increasing responsibilities.

“I am very excited to be here and I’ve spent the first month or so getting to know the people, the plant and how it all works here. I’ve worked at some of the best ExxonMobil operations in and around the US and everyone I spoke to considered Fife to be one of the best places to work, which I’m finding is very true.”

Married, with two teenage children, he has brought his wife and youngest daughter with him to Scotland and, in between his full work schedule, they are enjoying experiencing some of the country’s scenery, culture and local cuisine.

“The country is beautiful and the Scottish people have been very welcoming to us. Having also grown up in a small rural community, here I’m reminded it’s not only our responsibility, but our obligation to be good neighbours in the community in which we operate. I’m really looking forward to continuing to build engagement with our community.”

And going forward Toby is looking to ensure the plant’s performance continues to improve and flourish. “We have many highly skilled employees here, backed up by a local contractor workforce, who help keep the place running smoothly. The work done during the improvement project in 2021 has certainly seen the reliability of the plant improve and the continuing work we are doing with the Enclosed Ground Flare will continue to build on this.”

When he’s not hard at work, Toby enjoys spending time with his family and cooking, and he is also an avid car enthusiast.

Image Toby Hamblin, who takes over as FEP plant manager, was previously Expansion Integration Manager at the corporations largest refinery, in Beaumont, Texas

Toby Hamblin, who takes over as FEP plant manager, was previously Expansion Integration Manager at the corporation’s largest refinery, in Beaumont, Texas