Construction begins on the Southampton to London pipeline project

Another significant milestone has been reached with the start of the full construction programme on the Southampton to London Pipeline (SLP) project.  


The Midstream team is replacing 90km of the existing aviation fuel pipeline that runs from Fawley Refinery to the West London Terminal storage facility in Hounslow and over the past few years, the SLP project team has been working hard to develop the plans, consult with those who will be affected by the project, and gain consent.    

Construction works to install the replacement pipeline are estimated to take two years and it is a complex engineering challenge. The team is working hard to keep construction impacts to a minimum and minimise the time spent in specific locations. A minimum of two months’ notice is being given to local communities and residents before main works start in any area.

Tim Sunderland, Project Executive says:  “Construction started late last year in Chobham Common which is environmentally sensitive heathland. We’ve now kicked off the full programme and we will be scaling up to around 14 active installation areas at any one time for the next 18 months. 

“The complexity of this project is immense. Construction is highly visible to the public and requires over 400 additional consents from third parties and relevant authorities. We also have some really challenging locations – installing in school grounds, public parks, roads and environmentally protected areas - and around 40 trenchless installations under roads, rivers, a historic canal and a need to avoid high priority habitats.

“We’re lucky to have a wealth of knowledge within the team, which is really driving forward our construction plans, mitigating the environmental impacts and managing the external communications to our wide range of stakeholders.” 

This project is to help to maintain our infrastructure that distributes fuels from Fawley Refinery to the south east of England. The construction phase will be a multi-million-dollar investment and will help ensure that the UK maintains a resilient energy supply infrastructure, including aviation fuel supplies to Heathrow airport.

For further information please refer to the dedicated project website: