AES Supports Rough Sleeper Intervention Team

The ExxonMobil AES team at Newport has made the lives of the town’s rough sleeper community a little easier thanks to a donation of £1,350. The money has been used to buy two new sofas, mobile phones and supplies for the drop-in centre operated by The Wallich’s Newport Rough Sleeper Intervention Team.

AES Supports Rough Sleeper Intervention Team
Much needed supplies for rough sleepers in Newport

The team runs a drop-in centre in Newport which provides a safe environment where people who are sleeping rough or are vulnerably housed can access the support they need.  This includes housing and benefits advice together with referrals to supported accommodation, healthcare and substance misuse centres.  

The ExxonMobil donation has helped purchase mobile phones, enabling centre users to keep in touch with their support agencies.  One of the big issues that homeless people experience is digital exclusion, so providing access to online services is an important part of the drop-in centre services. 

The Wallich team also runs a daily outreach service distributing breakfast, hot drinks, sleeping bags, warm clothes, and toiletries on the city streets.  The ExxonMobil donation has also paid for new sleeping bags, waterproofs, clothing, toiletries, towels, hand and feet warmers and backpacks.

Michelle Barratt from ExxonMobil Newport said:  “I am so pleased I contacted The Wallich team to see how we could help.  Life for those on the streets is so challenging and the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more difficult.  We are pleased our contribution is being put to such good use.”

Lisa Davies from The Wallich said: “We are enormously grateful for the generosity of ExxonMobil in supporting our work with people experiencing homelessness in Newport. We were able to spend the money on things that will make a massive difference for our clients in terms of their wellbeing, safety and dignity. Thank you so much!"

The Wallich is Wales' leading homelessness charity providing help and advice for homeless and vulnerable people through its 68 projects. Discover more at

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AES Supports Rough Sleeper Intervention Team