New elevated flare tip for FEP

A key part of Fife Ethylene Plant’s £140m upgrade currently nearing completion is the installation of a new elevated flare tip designed to reduce noise and vibration.

New elevated flare tip for FEP
Flare Tip Install

The 10-tonne tip, measuring 3.6 metres in diameter, was carefully manoeuvred onto the top of its new, locally-made riser section using a 750 tonne crane.  This is the latest milestone in a huge programme of inspection, cleaning, overhauling and replacement being delivered in the plant’s  upgrade. 

The new unit, which is proven in operation at other facilities, uses Best Available Technology to ensure a clean flame using less steam – the main source of noise and vibration identified by engineers.

Martin Burrell, plant manager, said: “Our new flare tip is designed to help reduce disruption to our neighbours in the event of us having to flare. The wider investment work we are carrying out will help us to reduce the frequency of flaring by helping to improve our reliability.”

The company is also investing in an Enclosed Ground Flare, which is on course to be up and running by the end of next year.  Work to prepare the necessary infrastructure is currently being carried out.

Kevin Poot, technical manager, says the new Enclosed Ground Flare will be in place a full two years ahead of schedule.  “Our local communities will benefit from its state-of-the-art design,” he explains.

“It will operate completely smokeless and, without the need for high volumes of steam, it will also eliminate vibration and significantly reduce the light and noise associated with the elevated flare.  We've always been committed to installing this technology as safely and quickly as possible to help reduce the impact of elevated flaring on our neighbouring communities in Fife.”

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New elevated flare tip for FEP