Our people

Who works at Fawley?


Our people

With over 1,300 employees working at the Fawley site, every day is different. Being an integrated refining and chemical manufacturing site, Fawley can provide many opportunities with life-changing experiences.

In addition, we are also supported by a large number of contractors who are employed by companies throughout the UK. At times, Fawley may have around 2,000 contractors working on site.


Since 2005, Fawley has had 186 apprentices go through the Apprenticeship Programme – 37 of those are current apprentices. If you or someone you know is interested in applying for the ExxonMobil Fawley Apprenticeship Programme, please visit exxonmobil-fawley.co.uk. Here you can access exclusive videos on what the apprenticeship would involve and how to apply.



ExxonMobil works with the UK's best universities to attract students to the benefits of an internship, industrial placement or graduate position. In addition to traditional science and engineering backgrounds, we have increased our focus on recruiting candidates with more diverse degree disciplines into our commercial, trading and business support roles. To find out more, please visit the career opportunities area.