Loving life in Fife

Jason Felder is one of 30 overseas visitors from ExxonMobil sites around the world who are bringing their highly specialised expertise to Fife Ethylene Plant’s £140m upgrade. And they are also helping to give a boost to the local economy as they and their families enjoy life in Fife.

Loving life in Fife
Image Pettycur Bay Felder Family
Pettycur Bay Felder Family

The machinery job pack leader and his family, who are from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are staying in a

luxury caravan at the Pettycur Bay Holiday Park, alongside colleagues, who as well as the USA, come from Singapore and Belgium.

 Steven Wallace, sales manager at the park, said the influx of visitors, who were all fully tested for Covid before being allowed to enter the country, had been well received.  “The boost the ExxonMobil staff and contractors have given to our business has been great,” he explained. “They arrived during lockdown and gave us a revenue stream we wouldn’t otherwise have had.”

 As Jason was going to be away from home for several months, his family decided to come with him.  Wife Gina, daughters Lilyanna and Cecilia (both 11) and son Briar (7), have now been in Scotland for a month, with the first 10 days spent quarantining. Their eldest daughter chose to stay at home.

 “It was a good time for the children to travel, in terms of their schooling,” explained Gina.  “We checked everything with the school authorities who told us they would learn just as much travelling with us as they would in the classroom.  We have been making sure they’ve been learning lots about Scotland and its history. It’s really beautiful here and we are having a lot of fun.

The workers, who are all subject to strict Covid safety measures, have also been making good use of the area’s takeaways, dry cleaners, supermarkets and other food and household stores, giving local businesses a boost too!”


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Loving life in Fife