Our Enclosed Ground Flare*

*Coming in 2022

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Our Enclosed Ground Flare*

New Enclosed Ground Flare

We have listened to our local communities and are committed to making our operations much quieter and less visible by installing a new Enclosed Ground Flare (EGF).

On schedule to be installed by the end of 2022, it is intended wholly to reduce disruption to the community should we need to use our flare. 

Using Best Available Technology it is designed to deliver a number of benefits:

  • Reduce use of existing elevated flare by at least 98%
  • No vibration
  • Quieter than a petrol lawnmower
  • Largely invisible on a clear day or night
  • Completely smokeless

Find out more in our animation below. 

An animated video explaining what an Enclosed Ground Flare is and what benefits it will bring our community.

Manufactured by a world leader in flare technology

The EGF is being built here in the UK by Zeeco, a world leader in flare technology. Read more here.

Learn more about our project

View our detailed presentation on our EGF here


Enclosed Ground Flare Project Monthly Updates 

Follow the progress of our Enclosed Ground Flare Project closely with our monthly community updates.